logo Serie Monstruitos Wanna look like a monstruito? Itīs FREE! You have to... Each month we raffle a caricature, you can be the NEXT! 1 2 3 FOLLOW US FACEBOOK SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL FILL IN YOUR DETAILS And you will join the raffle of the month to become a monster!
We organize a raffle between all the participants each month; only one person can win the prize and get a personal caricature as well as the Monster-student license card. People of all  ages are allowed to participate! The winner will get a .JPG copy of the caricature. Your “Monstruito” wonīt appear on the Monstruitos animates serie, this is for entertainment purposes only. We will contact the winner by e-mail to get required info: We need some images of yourself for work on the caricature, if you donīt want to send us your photos, we will make an aleatory appearance caricature. If you didnīt win the monthīs raffle, donīt worry, you will participate automatically in nexts! If you donīt want to wait, you can get your personal caricature buying it for 20$ by paypal, contact us to info@losmonstruitos.es
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